Changing an older Defender so that it has the latest style cougar dashboard the most enticing indoor enhancements.

Saturday, October 16th 2021.

Changing an older Defender so that it has the latest style cougar dashboard the most enticing indoor enhancements.

Unique application gauges, manages and buttons, ac unit ports, course-plotting test, replaced direction wheel… all done in customized stitched leather to fit your seats – would give any Defender a unique and modern day classy home planning and often will enhance the overall look from the car.

We can individualize every part of a Defender insides, from seating and specialty hub gaming console, to steering force and dashboards, to house notes and trims.

a custom tailored inside is almost always the ultimate push of any improved automobile therefore offers the opportunity to put your private push and add a luxury sense your Defender.

Passenger Dashboard Top and Grab Handle re-upholstered in leather, with optional contrast stitching in a choice of colors. Designed to coordinate your present or custom fabric inner surface.

Many shade and substance alternatives, including Alcantara and Harris Tweed are accessible.

To provide your very own inside shade fusion go to our workshop.

As our very own rooms are actually entirely custom-tailored to customers specifications, enabling you to select all facets from the tones, designs and layouts – we are able to present further personalized details just like organization logo embroidery into chair, headrests or rugs.

The choices include never-ending! There is found the best possible supplies, and rehearse some of the finest craftsmen available to create you unsurpassed high quality.

MOMO & KAHN Direction Wheels

Many extravagant improvement for your own Land Rover Defender 90, 110 or 130.Leather wheel improvements from Momo & Kahn, optimal available!

Momo Millenium Wheel

The Momo Millenium road controls is actually created from the very best fabric and aluminium to grant the best Momo driving experience. Having airleather inserts to the grasp, firefox features on rim, brushed aluminium spokes and a brilliant hub ring related the real leather-based Momo horn core pad, the Millenium tyre provide a unique style that is both stylish and practical.Diameter: 350mm (13.78 in)

Momo Millenium Sport Steering Wheel

The Momo Millenium block wheel is definitely made from the best leather and aluminium to give you the ultimate Momo driving experience. Presenting airleather positions regarding the grip, brilliant features regarding the rim, cleaned aluminium spokes and a brilliant middle band related the original leather Momo horn hub base, the Millenium steering wheel offers exclusive design and style that’s both stylish and practical.Diameter: 350mm (13.78 in)

Momo Plane Steering Wheel

The Momo plane wheel employs combining the best possible supplies to make perhaps one of the most popular Momo force. The Jet characteristics airleather and carbon dioxide fibers positions regarding the sculpted hold, black aluminum spokes and a carbon fiber content hub band encompassing the black irish dating app colored MOMO Italy horn button.Diameter: 350mm (13.78 in)

Momo Trek-R Tyre

The Momo Trek-R wheel supplies today’s pose that actually designs they apart from the remainder of the Momo steering wheel selection. This modern-day presentation considers the Trek-R feature a heart band chatted mixing, in which the firefox middle chatted proceeds across the color Momo Italy horn icon and returns on itself to create a partial core band that screams special. As well as, the Momo Trek-R wheel includes a bi-leather and Alcantara mix, promoting reduced appearance that is worth their cutting edge design.Diameter: 350mm (13.78 in)

Momo Quark Steering Wheel

The Momo Quark controls is made from top-quality Polyurethane with a range of black, green or red real leather-based inserts on the clasp. The Quark controls got engineered keeping expenditures down while maintaining the high quality and style of more expensive rims. Its quite easy to see the reason the Quark is one of the most well-known Momo tires. The Quark really does offer a lot of appreciate for your price tag.Diameter: 350mm (13.78 in)

Momo Darker Fighter Steering Wheel

The MOMO black Fighter controls happens to be a state of the art concept manufactured in Italy through the best stuff. Feed the steering wheel during your grasp and you’ll find a gorgeous blend of airleather and alcantara that is worthy of the design. Qualities add in a black airleather hub mat that enters a black MOMO Italy horn switch, and gloss black ‘Dark Fighter’ fine detail in the talked.

Dark fabric versionSteering wheel in black color airleather and black colored alcantara hold, main pad in black airleather, matte black colored horn option. Glossy-black “Dark Fighter” logo.

Wood versionSteering wheel in black color airleather and mahogany wooden zebrano end with down little finger grooves, black color spokes and black color airleather main pad, anthracite horn key.

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